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Change the way you run your business today with fecSoftware.net. Generate more revenue, with less work, in half of the time. This is more than a point of sale, or even an onlien booking tool; fec software .net can help almost every family entertainment focused company manage their facility, manage vendors, manage employees, have a digital point of sale, book parties online, 24 hours a day without lifting a finger, eliminate double bookings, or even just add the lucrative birthday party sales option. How much? Less than the average price of one birthday party package!
Whether you are in laser tag, bowling, bounce houses and inflatables, water parks, multiple attraction FECs (Family entertainment Centers), indoor softplay facility, video arcades with redemption, or almost any franchise and have it all, usually for as much as $100,000 less than your current point of sale system.
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Online Party Booking
Event AND Facility Mgmt.
Point of Sale
Employee Scheduling
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Auto Customer Invoicing
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What else does our software do?
No more pen and paper calendars. Automate and become more efficient in your entertainment center with our secure online party management software. Our software is completely customizable to fit your business needs and operations and is very easy to use. Employees can book and manager parties from the facility AND your customer can now book parties online 24/7, from ANYWHERE you get internet access. Work On Your Business - Not In Your Business.
What makes us such experts?

Two words, BOUNCEOPOLIS BABY!     (http://www.Bounceopolis.com)
The very people who created this software, who still run the company, and who are waiting for you to call right now came up with the whole thing to better manage their indoor bounce facility Bounceopolis in Folsom, Ca.

Bounceopolis is the #1 Bounce, Party, and Play facility in Northern California and continues to grow in reputation and profitability everyday; a lot of which has to do with the brilliance behind PartyCenterSoftware.com

"We were planning on franchising Bounceopolis and were looking at a 20 unit target for the first year," says creator of both Bounceopolis and PartyCenterSoftware.com. "I looked everywhere that I could and found that just a solid point of sale system that would help me with a little invoicing costs almost as much as one of my franchises would, so I knew there had to be a better way - PartyCenterSoftware.com began as a way to cut costs on my facility and is built with all of my knowledge from being an FEC owner; nobody else can say that. Eventually I decided that the software was so great that we should move our focus to marketing it and helping other people away from the insane and crippling costs of inferior software products."

fecSoftware.net offers a product that not only offers nearly all of the same benefits and features of the $60,000-$120,000 systems, but so much mroe as well; party and facility management is what is revolutionising the way we do business - letting customers book online, dynamic scheduling to eliminate double bookings, customer tracking, employee login - IT IS ALL HERE!

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